Bartica NDC should be replaced with an interim body

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, July 13, 2011 something happened in Second Avenue, Bartica between 11am and12pm. A man and his wife operating a stall in a private yard having all the relevant documents, licences, etc, had their goods seized by a police officer and the NDC overseer. The value of the goods totalled millions,   plus the cash, and they were taken to the NDC office for storage.

Editor, surely only Customs can seize goods.

The NDC officials have claimed they are only getting $5,000 a month salary from government. Editor, how can a person survive on five thousand dollars?

The NDC has been in office for over 18 years now and everyone would be happy if they could be replaced with a new council at the earliest. I am calling on the Minister of Local Government to launch an investigation and ask the people of Bartica what’s going on. The RDC and the citizens of Bartica want the NDC out, and an interim body installed.

He should listen to the cries and pain of the people. We are waiting to see what the government will do.

Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller Snr
Coordinator CDC

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