NACTA poll finds PPP in lead

Dear Editor,

An opinion survey conducted by NACTA in early July has shown the incumbent PPP taking an early lead in popular support over the opposition parties in elections due by December. The PPP (46%) is way ahead of the newly formed APNU (25%), AFC (5%), and other minor parties in terms of support.  The PPP’s presidential candidate, General Secretary Donald Ramotar, is more favoured over APNU’s David Granger who does not enjoy wide appeal among traditional PNC supporters, and AFC’s Khemraj Ramjattan who is struggling to hold on to the support the party won in 2006.

The findings show Ramotar having a 73% acceptance among PPP supporters while Granger has a 59% acceptance among PNC supporters.

The poll interviewed 780 voters to yield a demographically representative sample (45% Indians, 30% Africans, 16% Mixed, 8% Amerindians, and 1% others) of the population.

Asked if they think any party will win a majority of seats, 43% answered in the affirmative with almost all of them giving a thumbs up to the PPP. Asked if they endorsed the formation of APNU, a bare majority of 59% of PNC supporters gave their nod.

The findings show that apart from the PNC, none of the other parties that constitute APNU is projected to win a seat were they to contest the elections separately.  And apart from the JFA, led by CN Sharma, all the other parties have lost support and are not projected to win a seat.

The findings show a large number of voters (22%) being undecided.

Do you support Donald Ramotar as PPP Presidential Candidate?
(Responses among PPP supporters)

Yes      No   NS

73%    17    10

Do you endorse the formation of APNU?
(Responses among PNC supporters)

Yes     No    NS

59       31      10

Do you support David Granger as the APNU presidential candidate?
(Responses among PNC supporters)

Yes       No     NS

61%      29      10

Do you expect any political party to get a majority of seats?

Yes        No       NS

43%      34        23

Which party are you likely to vote for?

PPP      APNU     AFC    JFA     Others   Undecided

46%         25           5         1            1             22

Yours faithfully,
Vishnu Bisram

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