Waste of water from disconnected pipe

Dear Editor,

I live at Crown and Irving streets, Queenstown. I have called Guyana Water Inc on two occasions recently about, firstly, a pipe that is running freely and unstopped from under the road after a GWI crew disconnected the pipe that leads to a vacant lot at the corner. Nothing has been done about this. As I sit here typing this letter, water is pouring out of that pipe. What a waste! This call I made well over a month ago.

I made another call about three weeks ago about the permanent pool of water that has settled on the bus stop right at that Crown and Irving street corner.  I suppose there is a leak under the road. I was actually given a reference number for this report but I don’t believe it means anything since nothing has been done about this either.

Both times the GWI personnel who took my calls were very courteous. But aren’t these the same people who sit on television from time to time and ask the citizenry to report leaks, and to help save water? What a waste!

I will not be wasting my time to call GWI again. Everyone is free to come by and look at the daily waste of water which, no doubt, adds up and is recouped by GWI by adding it to our bills.

Yours faithfully,
R Shah

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to Mr Timothy Austin, PRO of Guyana Water Inc for any comment he might wish to make.

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