The AFC and its candidate have been on the eight-ball

Dear Editor,

The debate and influence-pedalling measures are in full swing to win the battle for the minds of the rational Guyanese voter in the forthcoming General and Regional Elections.
Vishnu Bisram has concocted a so-called poll that he can’t get published by one authentic newspaper in Guyana. David is no longer available to him so he returns to the fold and publishes a boardroom projection of the way the current rulers are thinking/feeling. In the meantime the AFC continues to score political points.

Earlier AFC Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan made hard-hitting revelations about the failings of the Skeldon Sugar Factory Pilot Project. The PPP came down on him like a ton of bricks denying the revelations. The Guyanese people can now be the impartial judge on this score. Points to Ramjattan and the AFC.

Next Ramjattan made representation on the issue of the Diamond sugar workers who were facing an uncertain and unrewarding future. Today measures have been put in place by the regime and that situation is largely rectified. Again points to Ramjattan and the AFC.
Lately Ramjattan and the AFC took up the case of the rice mill and dust pollution in Cane Grove. The Office of the President has now stepped into that matter with a view to appeasing the residents. Points again to Ramjattan and the AFC.

What about the debate over the very high rate of VAT at 16%. The PPP’s imposed presidential candidate has now pronounced that he will be looking at a possible reduction of that rate as a future possible step. Again thanks to the foresight and good work of Ramjattan and the AFC who have committed to a reduction of the rate to 12% upon the assumption of office. The Guyanese people can look with hope to the future for some measure of relief from the heavy taxation burden imposed by the PPP. Need I repeat again, points to Ramjattan and the AFC.

These are just a few of the instances where the AFC and its candidate have been on the eight-ball when it comes to representing the oppressed Guyanese people both in and out of Parliament. Can others with more parliamentary strength make a similar case?
The Ramjattan/Holder/ AFC ticket in 2011 needs the continued and increasing support of all rational thinking Guyanese. It is the only way forward.

Yours faithfully,
Lionel Peters

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