GWI, GPL have cut off water and electricity to the Bartica market for non-payment

Dear Editor,

Again the Bartica NDC has failed. Guyana Water Inc has cut off the water supply to the market for non-payment. GPL has disconnected power to the market for non-payment. The stallholders and shoppers have to suffer.

What are they doing with the revenue they collect from rates and taxes; extensions, sheds and trestles; the abattoir; market stalls; arcade stalls; roadside vendors; push-cart vendors; landing fees; sand pit fees; tractor and trailer hire operators; cemetery fees; building applications, etc?

They have been in office for over 18 years now.

They should resign gracefully and let an interim body take over. I am sure things will run better and the citizens of Bartica will be happy.

Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller Sr

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