Politics seeping into all functions

Dear Editor,

Some of our politicians are quite deceptive, aren’t they? You attend a function for the commissioning of some facility or a graduation or an event which is empty of anything political, as it were. But somehow, the political leaders empty out politics to the audience.
Somehow, their message deviates from the true purpose of the event and they begin to talk about the government’s accomplishments. How unfortunate that these small- minded (and sometimes I want to believe they have small brains too) individuals are so shallow and ignorant, I hope it is unintentional and not deliberate because it truly makes them look bad.
Some of them can’t make an intelligent speech to an educated audience. Their own intelligence comes into question.

Sometimes I don’t even know how some of these guys appear at these events. Politics is a nasty and devious game in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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