Sheila Holder has been vindicated

Dear Editor,

Recently, AFC prime ministerial candidate, the industrious and credible Ms Sheila Holder, MP, made public her investigation of the wanton abuse of Guyana’s Old Age Pension Scheme.

She pointed out that the Scheme as implemented by the Ministry of Social Services is overstated by thousands of recipients and that monies paid by the Treasury of Guyana are being siphoned off. The government response was that the AFC wanted to deny poor people their rightful entitlements, although a pittance in relation to today’s cost of living.

Low and behold, last week the Minister of Finance went on record disclosing the news that hundreds of millions of Guyana dollars are being paid out in bogus cheques to unscrupulous persons. Was Ms Holder politicking when she made her claim or was she on to something scandalous in the life of her country? Whatever the outcome of the Ministry of Finance-Guyana Police Force investigation Ms Holder is already vindicated.

Kudos to Ms Holder for excellent work and doing the people’s business. The AFC team is earning the Guyanese people’s respect for good political work in guarding their interests. The results will manifest themselves at the polls at the upcoming general and regional elections to be held later this year.

Yours faithfully,
Lionel Peters

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