Why did Robert Williams vote with the PPP appointed commissioners?

Dear Editor,

With others, I attended Parliament on July 20, 2011 as an interested citizen to hear the debate on the extension of the Registration Bill. I must compliment the Opposition Leader and members for making the best of a bad situation with their amendments to the original bill.

It was clear that the government side would have pushed through the bill anyway.

But why did this happen in the first place?  It goes back to a single Guyana Elections Commissioner dancing to the PPP tune.

The week before last week we felt so good when the opposition members stood tall and strong, but I was flabbergasted when Mr Robert Williams, Deputy Mayor and who came into the Mayor and City Council as a supporter of Mr Green (GGG), now PNC-APNU, broke ranks and voted with the PPP appointed commissioners. He and the opposition owe us a truthful explanation.

Yours faithfully,
Eric Mosley

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