How will the lives of Kwakwani residents be transformed?

Dear Editor,

On Friday, July 22, the Kwakwani community witnessed the signing of a $83M contract to upgrade the water supply system. The event was indeed historic for it is the first time something like that was done in public where the community is expected to benefit.

I was priviliged to be among the gathering but surprised and disappointed at quite a lot of the responses from a minister of goverment. Surprised because there were no apologies for having the community wait so long for the project to continue, as it was started years ago with $23M being spent laying pipelines.

My disappointment was in the Minister’s presentation where he did not say how the Kwakwani community would benefit from the billions of dollars that will be spent in Region Ten. The Minister said that the government believes that investment must be geared towards transforming the lives of people and ultimately changing society. I am waiting to see how this historic contract signing in Kwakwani will transform the lives of residents, especially those unemployed youths.

The contractor promised to employ residents and they would be very grateful if he kept his word.

Yours faithfully,
Jocelyn Morian 

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