Appeal for return of a camera

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to use your letters column, to make an appeal. The appeal is to that person who removed a leatherette bag from my motor vehicle whilst it was parked on East Street, about seventy five metres north of Church Street on a Sunday afternoon. The bag contained a Canon EOS camera, a Vivitar flash, a Sigma (70-300mm) lens, a light meter, about four rolls of undeveloped film, instruction booklets for the camera, the flash and the Sigma lens, and other items. The appeal is made most of all for the return of the camera, which has immense sentimental value for me.

During my youthful days, I discovered that I had this penchant for cameras. I remembered purchasing a rather cheap one, which I used to take a photograph of a Hovercraft from the Royal Navy when it visited these shores in the 1950s or 1960s. I still have that photograph.

During 1998, having met my father for the second time in five decades (at the previous meeting, I was about five years old), I
discovered too, that he was an avid photographer.  To compensate for his absence, he presented me with that Canon EOS camera. My father is now deceased.

Through the use of that camera I have discovered the beauty of nature; the glint of raindrops on a leaf; and the serenity of a couple, holding hands in the Botanical Gardens. In simple terms the loss of that camera has deeply affected me. That Canon EOS camera is also a link between me and my departed father.

If the gentleman who removed the said articles from my vehicle, and may still have them in his possession, kindly return them, we can come to a mutual agreement. If inadvertently someone may have purchased them from the unknown person, I am willing to recompense the purchaser.

My telephone number is 227-7905, my name is as stated at the end of this correspondence.

Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn
Major (Rtd)

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