Is this Cheddi Jagan’s vision?

Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr Hydar Ally’s letter in the Stabroek News of Thursday, August 4. In that letter Mr Ally in referring to the situation in the USA said that Marx was correct in that the rich continue to wallow in luxury whilst the poor get poorer.  Mr Ally, however, doesn’t need to look at the USA to prove Marx correct. Right here in Guyana under Mr Ally’s PPP government the rich are glowing with their big houses, boats, Lexus and other trimmings, whilst the poor can barely eke out a living.

VAT is squeezed from the people so inflated contracts, computer deals, floating wharf, defective Supenaam stelling (shamelessly no one is responsible), poor quality roads can continue unabated. I want to ask Mr Ally if this was Cheddi Jagan’s vision. The people must open their eyes come elections.

Yours faithfully,
Vijay Singh

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