Are drivers reckless because they know there are no consequences when they cause an accident?

Dear Editor,

When I first learned about Rozena Razack being in the Intensive Care Unit I hoped and prayed she would survive, but that was not to be. You see, I knew Rozena since she was a teenager; she was always pleasant and smiling.

In the same edition that reported Rozena’s death is the report of little Joshua Daniels, who was killed by a vehicle not on the road but in his own front yard.

Then there was the young woman on West Demerara who was killed by a 4×4, and as we understand the driver of the killer vehicle drove away after striking the victim and young Hinds, the only son of his father. This is not forgetting the minibus on Homestretch Avenue that took five lives.

Editor, all these deaths in road accidents took place within days of each other. Of course, accidents don’t just happen, they are caused.  So what are the causes?

They include drivers who get their licences through corruption and don’t know the traffic rules, such as the reason for the amber on the traffic lights or the double yellow line; drivers who talk and giggle on the cellphone or hold a bottle or alcoholic drink when driving; or drivers who smoke a herb but wear dark sunshades to hide their red eyes.

Or could it be reckless drivers know that when someone is killed on the road the driver is held for a few hours then released, and the matter is not heard of again?

Yours faithfully,
WP George

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