Why can’t GWI accept ID cards and proof of address as the basis for connecting Scheme residents to the water system?

Dear Editor,

Recently the Guyana Water Inc laid distribution mains in Dazzell  Housing Scheme, a welcome project after more than fifteen years. When persons requested connections to the distribution system, Guyana Water Inc insisted that they provide proof that they had authority over the land. They can get this by paying part or all of the cost of the land title for the lots they occupy.

But, what does Guyana Water Inc have to do with land titles? It was pointed out that potable water is a human right.  This being so means that Guyana Water Inc is attaching preconditions to the granting of a basic human right and is therefore breaching the rights of persons in this and other housing schemes.

It was explained that the United Nations recently made potable water a human right and added same to its charter of civil and political rights.

The Government of Guyana, the Guyana Human Rights Association, the United Nations Association of Guyana, UNESCO, UNICEF and PAHO-WHO are asked singly or collectively to impress upon Guyana Water Inc that they should do the right thing by accepting National Identification Cards and proof of address as the grounds for connection to the system.

It is hoped that Guyana Water Inc reconsiders its position and makes the necessary changes.

Yours faithfully,
Prince Jeffrey and 17 others
Residents of Dazzell Housing Scheme

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