GWI’s policy is not related to whether a property is fully paid for but to ensure a person has a legal right to contract services

Dear Editor,

GWI wishes to express gratitude to your publication for highlighting the statements made by residents of Dazzell Housing Scheme, August 9, 2011 (‘Why can’t GWI accept ID cards and proof of address as the basis for connecting Scheme residents to the water system?’).

In response, GWI’s National Revenue Manager, Earle Aaron, stated the following: “Internationally, it is standard practice that once someone is conducting business, especially one that is contractual in nature, the party requesting the service must provide proof that they are authorized (either through ownership or permission from the owner) to enter into the arrangement. Recently, GWI has seen an increase in persons who are not the legal owners of properties or who cannot produce any documentation concerning their occupation of the property, applying for new water service connections in their names.”

Mr Aaron further indicated that “since the company is aware of this it is only prudent that GWI protect itself in the event that there are any disputes arising subsequently. The company has discovered a significant number of persons occupying properties and using established connections in the names of persons who would have either owned or occupied a property previously. It is with the aforementioned in mind that the requirement was implemented; this policy in no way seeks to determine whether the property/land is fully paid for, but rather if the person has the legal right or authorization to contract services with respect to a particular property.”

GWI wishes to highlight that the company has approved in excess of 170 applications from the Dazzell Housing Scheme with all relevant documents provided and the full cooperation of customers. In addition, the company will accept allocation letters from the Paradise Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Ltd or a Certificate of Title from the Ministry of Housing and Water.

The company wishes to remind all customers that in light of the possible legal ramifications, it is mandatory to comply with the policy when applying for a new service connection.

Customers seeking more information on this policy can visit our website at  or via our Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701 or the e-mail address

In addition, questions can be posted on the wall of our Facebook page available at

Once again, Guyana Water Incorporated wishes to thank your publication for highlighting the questions raised by our customers.  We remain firm in our commitment to resolve all queries brought to our attention by customers.

Yours faithfully,
Timothy Austin
Public Relations Officer
Guyana Water Inc

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