Working-class sympathizers in the PPP have to rescue it from the sell-out

Dear Editor,

I thank you for carrying my letter which was in response to Mr Hydar Ally’s letter dealing with the widening chasm between the rich and the poor (‘Is this Cheddi Jagan’s vision?’ SN, August 8; ‘Marx was correct’ SN, August 4). On page 6 of the edition (August 8) in which you carried my letter you editorialized on Mrs Seephia’s plight, one of the thousands of poor that Mr Ally’s once working class party has missed.

Overnight many of Mr Ally’s comrades on the Exco and Central Committee of the PPP have joined the nouveau riche and the bourgeoisie. They are drinking Grey Goose and Johnny Walker Blue. Mind you, Mr Ally doesn’t behave like a bourgeois, but he is in the company of the wealthy. People like Messrs Hydar Ally, Komal Chand, Harripersaud Nokta, Moses Nagamootoo, the Chandarpals and other working class sympathizers have to arrest the party from the Jagdeo-Ramotar sell-out and realize Cde Cheddi’s vision of the small man having a place in the sun.

Yours faithfully,
Vijay Singh

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