Bus shed in Port Kaituma in filthy condition

Dear Editor,

I write concerning the filthy condition of the bus park at Port Kaituma. A bus shed was constructed at the park for passengers waiting for transportation, which serves not only as a shelter for passengers, but as a urinal and a garbage area. There are mothers with young babies and small children who would normally go and sit in that shed waiting for transportation, but because of the strong foul odour from that shed, passengers prefer to go into a nearby building and wait.

That bus shed, Editor, is a health hazard that should be looked into without any further delay.  What are the health and environmental authorities doing about this most unhealthy situation?

By the way, are there any such people around?

The next problem, Editor, is that the bus park occupies a small land space, yet vendors could be seen erecting small makeshift stands in that already congested area, thus render manoeuvring difficult. I ask, where is the person – if there is anyone – who is vested with the authority to oversee the proper management of that park? The general attitude as I see it is, I do what I like when I like.

Yours faithfully,
I Roberts

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