People should actively speak out against practices which are detrimental to the well-being of animals

Dear Editor,

Upon reading the letters section of SN, August 10, 2011, one thing is clear: Guyanese are not aloof from the plight of animals in Guyana.

The letters penned by Dr Cheddi Jagan and Ms Latifan Khan finds a linkage between the way we treat our animals and the quality of our citizenry.

What legacy are we leaving for our children, when their anticipated outing to the zoo only leaves them feeling saddened for the animals there?

I would like to urge such likeminded members of society, companies, television personalities and the GSPCA to actively speak out against practices that are detrimental to the well-being of animals; one does not need money to correct an errant child, speak to your Sunday School students, or to the horse cart owners as they pass by. It is time we take charge of our society and work in our little way to effect the change we seek, rather than throw our hands up in surrender because of lack of money.

I commend those persons in society who not only recognize the value of animals to our society, but who believe in this cause enough to pen a letter, rescue or feed an animal and try to live by example.

Yours faithfully,
Allistair Hartley

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