Dear Editor,

The Oxford dictionary defines ambition as a “burning desire to achieve something.”

Most if not all of us have at some time in our lives conceptualized plans relating to an ambition or ambitions. Ambitions can embrace a myriad of ideas not only for education but marriage, a family, religion, financial success, etc. One’s ability can be likened to the fertile soil so necessary to realize the harvesting of our ambitions, and  achievement is the reward.

I was very impressed with the interview remarks from the successful students at the recent 6th form exams where they spoke with such confidence about attaining their ambitions to attend the schools of their choice. Some even ventured to identify their career paths. This generation is more fortunate than ours when parents played a dominant role in one’s ambition and/or career. To those whose ambitions were not realized in that examination, let me encourage you by stating that failure will come, but it will provide the challenge to eventually succeed.

Yours faithfully,
VO Patrick

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