Dear Editor,

It’s a foregone conclusion that the PPP will win the next elections.  I say so because of the disarray and disunity in the opposition camp. Firstly, there is the AFC refusal to join APNU to form one strong opposition party, as the People’s Partership did to defeat the PNM in Trinidad.

Secondly, there is the APNU squabbling and bickering just to name a prime ministerial candidate. Third, there is the delusion and short-sightedness of the AFC leaders in believing they can win the elections on their own. And lastly, there is the powerful party machinery of the PPP with its party activists and groups in every village, town and region in this country.

I would therefore like to make a proposal as to what the next PPP government should be like so that this country can develop quickly into a first world country, and people can live in peace and harmony.  I know this proposal will be viewed as radical by some and simplistic and naïve by others, but trust me Editor, this is the solution to all the problems in this country. Here goes:

1.   President – Donald Ramotar
2.   Prime Minister – Ashni Singh
3.   Finance Minister – Christopher Ram
4.   Home Affairs Minister –  David Granger
5.  Labour Minister – Nanda Kishore Gopaul
6.   Housing Minister – Shaik Baksh
7.   Education Minister – Fredrick Kissoon
8.   Attorney General and Minister of
Justice – Khemraj Ramjattan
9.   Agriculture Minister – Robert Persaud
10. Health Minister – Leslie Ramsammy
11. Amerindian Affairs Minister – Carolyn
12. Foreign Affairs Minister – Robert
13. Public Service Minister – Jennifer
14. Works and Hydraulics Minister –
Raphael Trotman
15. Youth, Sports and Culture Minister –
Frank Antony
16. Local Government Minister – Zulfikar
Mustapha (Chairman Region 6)
17. Information Minister – Moses Nagamootoo
18. Speaker of the House – Ralph Ramkarran
19. Cabinet Secretary/Head of OP – Gail

Here is hoping that the next President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar, will see the wisdom of this proposal, so that this country can experience peace, progress, prosperity, unity and harmony in years to come.

Yours faithfully,
Imtiaz Baccus

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