Rail link important for our economic, political ties with Brazil

Dear Editor,

I am very pleased with the news that the Government of Guyana is giving consideration to establishing a rail link between Guyana and northern Brazil (‘Jagdeo discussing Boa Vista/George-town railway’ SN, August 10).

I have long felt that this should be one of our highest national development priorities – for economic and environmental reasons. I think most Guyanese recognise that economic, cultural, and political ties with Brazil and its people will become an increasingly important factor in our overall development. For this reason, I think that a rail link can help to mitigate the social, environmental, and ecological implications of trade and movement of people between our two countries, more so if it is powered by a local hydroelectricity supply. (Of course it would be wise to undertake a feasibility study to verify that such a mass transit option will have desirable results.)

Development of a well-conceptualised and implemented mass transit system for intra-country transport – both passengers and goods – could provide us with several important strategic advantages; therefore, I also welcome reports that the government is giving consideration to a “railway from Diamond … to Mahaica.”

Yours faithfully,
David Yhann

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