The Police Force has a long way to go to improve its disciplinary procedures

Dear Editor,

We have to question the activity and responsibility of some of our leaders in the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the MPs in our respective regions where drugs are being transported by some members of the Force. We need to hold our politicians accountable for these things because, believe it or not, it is some of their own behaviour in the public space that sometimes sends the message to some of these people who believe that not only can they disrespect law enforcement wrong officers and the rule of law, but point guns at ordinary citizens and shoot them.

The Police Force has a very long way to go to improve its disciplinary procedures to deal with corrupt officers, especially in relation to drug-smuggling and gun-running.

Politicians, the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Home Affairs should be questioned and be held accountable for any part the officers play in the current escalation in drug-running. The Police Complaints Authority should be reorganized, and the service’s disciplinary process improved, since the public has lost confidence in the Commissioner of Police, the Police Complaints Authority and the Minister of Home Affairs.

There are other measures which would deter corruption within the police force such as thorough background checks and the infusion of organisational values through training and leadership.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Khan

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