Is this sabotage planned?

Dear Editor,

It is extremely annoying and painful for whole areas to be without a telephone service.  In this case my area, Atlantic Gardens, and the whole of Montrose are without a landline telephone service, and this has been going on for more than a week now, with GT7T saying they do not know when it will be fixed.  They need to make their customers feel at ease and need to send out a bulletin informing us that they care and are doing the best they can.

I really understand the problems GT&T is facing with vandalism.

These vandals are many and frequent and eat heavily into the budget and profitability.  It is unfair and difficult for them, and it is known that they always try to give excellent service.  But it is most unfair to the people who need the service.

I have a few questions and answers.  Is this really ordinary vandalism? Or is it a coordinated plan?  It looks more like an organized, coordinated plan of sabotage.  Perhaps the aim is to cause disaffection among the people in relation to their support of GT&T, so in event new service providers come on the scene, many will want to switch.

This kind of thing goes on in developed nations, and it appears these bad habits are coming here, and in the process making the lives of our citizens and businesses difficult.  These people seem not to realize that the poor especially need their telephone service in event of illness, attack by bandits or whatever else.

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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