NIS miscalculated pension; refuses to address matter

Dear Editor,
I have contributed to the National Insurance Scheme from 1970-1987 and from 1989-March 1998. I have made in excess of 1340 contributions during that period, but NIS at Camp and Bent Streets have stated in a letter dated 2010/11/09 1142 contributions.  Notwithstanding the discrepancies, NIS went ahead and paid me a minimum pension of $15,813.00 on my attaining my 60th birthday on July 23, 2011.

I have objected to the pension paid to me and have lodged an appeal, as was advised, on December 23, 2010. To date I have not gotten any response from NIS. My contributions from 1970-1987 would have entitle me to a pension in spite of the inaccuracies in my contributions from this period as indicated by the NIS record section. What has become of my contributions from 1989-March 1998 – some 476 contributions? In the years 1989-1998 I made substantial contributions as indicated by the NIS record supplied to me, so why was the computation of my pension not done on those earnings?

The NIS Public Relations Officer and the clerk responsible for calculating pensions explained in one of their programmes on NCN that the best three or five years is used to calculate one’s pension. That criterion has not been applied in my situation. Why?

I have written the General Manager and the Public Relations Officer dated 2011/03/09 and to date no one has been interested in addressing my concerns. This is an indication of NIS’s disrespect and disregard for some people, like me. I regret saying this, but its my gut feeling. Where and from whom can I seek redress and advice?

Yours faithfully,
Nandalal Bisnauth
NIS # B 1724624

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Ms Lewis Baxter, the PRO of the National Insurance Scheme for any comment she might wish to make. 

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