Dear Editor,

It really speaks volumes when our Gecom CHairman Steve Surujbally can find the time in this busy election season not to educate the Guyanese voter, but rather to respond to Mr T King’s letter in the Guyana Chronicle about some one-line inaccuracy (‘Not linked to any political party’ SN, August 18). Even worse, in my book, though, is that he seemed to have taken grave umbrage that the hapless Mr King had the temerity to address him as ‘Mr.’ In his quote from Mr King’s letter, he placed the word ‘sic’ after Mr King’s use of ‘Mr,’ implying that the writer was way out of line to refer to him as a mere Mr Steve Surujbally, as opposed to the far grander Dr Steve Surujbally. What a sad man.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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