Good performances in power boat races in Lake Mainstay

Dear Editor,

At Lake Mainstay Regatta on Sunday August 14 last, power boat pacers showed spectators their best performances in boat racing in the practice session on Sunday morning.

One of the Gonsalves family of Team Gonsalves operating the 200 hp boat Czyzie Boy 2 went up sailing in the air and flipped over, and the pilot got a serious cut on his forehead and a fractured left shoulder. He was taken to Suddie Hospital, Essequibo.

During the regatta, team leader Neil Gonsalves was very skilful with his Czyzie Boy 1 SST 120 Mercury where he proved he was very skilful and the ‘baddest‘ man on Lake Mainstay. In the first event he made a mistake by cutting inside a buoy to avoid an accident, whereupon he was disqualified by the Clerk of House, and Dave Scott with Jaguar I SST 120 won.

In the second open race Dave Scott changed his boat and engine to another Mercury SST 120 and won again by beating Randy Belle and Clarence Belle.  Scott did this by a very large margin. Randy Belle won two second places in the open 200 hp events. Clarence Belle won 2 races in the 90 hp events Orin Belle won 2 races in the 15 hp events.  The Pomeroon racers dominated with Lennox Baharrally winning 1st among the males and Candacy Prashad among the females.

Points standing ABC class racers

C class Orin Belle   6-points champion racer “C”
B class Clarence Belle  6-points champion racer “B”
A class Randy Belle      4-points champion racer “A”

Randy got the champion racer prize because Dave Scott changed his boat and engine in each race

In the first event he drove Jaguar I. In the other event he drove Jaguar II.  Any one can register two boats to race but you cannot drive two different boats and engines in the same category and get the same points as one boat.  I must congratulate Neil Gonsalves who accepted that he was wrong to cut inside a turn buoy.  He is a great sportsman and team leader; congratulations  also to the Belle brothers who are always determined to win. Discipline and rules must always be obeyed in all sporting activities.

The Power Boat Racing Association is now planning to host regattas in Berbice, the Demerara River and Linden in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Sport.

Many thanks to management of Lake Mainstay for hosting us.

Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller Snr
President Power Boat Racing
Clerk of Course

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