Merai’s allegations are credible

Dear Editor,

I am not surprised at the manner in which the police administration is handling the allegations made by Asst Commissioner Steve Merai, that in my view are very credible, irrespective of past allegations made against Mr Merai. I have known him to be one of the very few senior officers who is fearless in the execution of his duties. I am also fully confident that Mr Merai has solid evidence in his possession against those whom he accused; however, with all due respect to the Crime Chief, Mr Seelall Persaud, he will not be able to effectively and efficiently gather the kind of intelligence and evidence needed to build a case against those accused officers. Mr Merai is only one of the persons who has evidence; his allegations have to be corroborated by his informants, who unfortunately are civilians, and junior police ranks who because of lack of confidence in the police administration and fear of victimization and reprisals will not cooperate. Mr Merai also owes it to his informants to protect them at all costs. 

In the interest of national security I am urging President Bharrat Jagdeo to appoint a broad-based commission of enquiry comprising persons like Mr Henry Chester, former deputy commissioner of police;  Mr Clairmont Featherstone, security specialist; Mr Mackan  Lall, former assistant commissioner of police; Mr Raymond Gaskin, social activist; Mr Nigel Hughes, attorney at law;  Mr Anil Nandlall, attorney-at-law; and Mr Jainarayan Singh (former judge).

The evidence both in the form of audio, visual and statements given during the enquiry will once and for all give the administration the opportunity to weed out the bad eggs from the force and regain the public’s confidence in it. The President is also advised sir to appoint a foreign national to replace Mr Greene, either from London, USA or Canada.  Promote Mr Seelall Persaud to deputy commissioner (crime) Mr Derrick Josiah to deputy commissioner administration; Mr George Vyphius to deputy commissioner (operations); detective superintendent Chapman to assistant commissioner (crime) and Asp Brian Vieira to superintendant and i/c Narotics Branch.  Mr Heralall Mackan  Lall should replace Mr Mohamed Jameer as head of the Office of Professional Responsibility.  Mr Merai should also be promoted to Deputy Commissioner and made to head the anti-crime units countrywide.

Failure to implement these recommendations could result in drug lords directing the day-to-day running of the force, while the PPP Civic administration cannot deal with any further embarrassment especially with elections around the corner. It is compulsory that the government does everything in its power to remove the negative public perception of both government and police with regard their crime-fighting ability and strategy.
Yours faithfully,
Allan Robert Gates

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