The administration should act on Merai’s allegations

Dear Editor,
The time has come for a serious investigation into the general affairs of our beloved country, as a result of startling revelations made by Assistant Commission of Police of the Guyana Police Force, Mr Steve Merai. I fully agree with and support his insistence that he will cooperate only with international investigators, since there is no person who can guarantee a professional and impartial investigation. I believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg, since there will be many more revelations in other places. These policemen are not acting alone.

If this administration is not afraid of anything then they should act on Mr Merai’s revelations as a start. Furthermore we should have all the government officials from the President down publicly declaring their assets and bank accounts and they should account for how they acquired the assets they possess.

For the purpose of the investigation we should go back to the fire that burnt down a part of the Ministry of Public Works to the stone, duty free, dolphin and law books scams, as well as the Ministry of Housing fire and other things. This will exonerate the PPP/C administration from all  allegations of corruption, and it will allow it to continue to govern.
Yours faithfully,
R Singh

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