What are politicians vying for office offering pensioners?

Dear Editor,

Now that the election season is around I hear all the politicians vying for political office talk of all the things they will do, and I hear nothing about what they will do for pensioners. I would like to see anyone who is vying for political office live on $7,500 for a month; that is what I have to live on as a retired worker.

I contributed to the Guyana economy as a self-employed person for decades, but did not contribute the NIS, and when I read and hear about what is meted out to so many who contributed their whole working life to the NIS I am pleased I did not. As I understand it, the NIS was designed to make retired workers comfortable when they can no longer work and earn, however so many NIS contributors are uncomfortable because they are not getting what is rightfully theirs.

Yours faithfully,
Eric Arokium

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