Minibus owner-drivers who do not have to meet targets do not need conductors

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter that appeared in your edition of August 20 (‘Buses should have conductors‘) I agree with the writer but I would like to highlight a few points. Firstly, conductors do not like to work with minibus owners because they encounter problems due to dishonesty on their part, neither do they like to join the minibus lines for 3-4 hours and wait for passengers.

As the writer highlighted it is difficult for the driver to make change while driving. However, that is not necessarily true because the driver would make the change when the bus stops, since most passengers pay after they have arrived at their destination.

If a survey were to be carried out by the relevant authorities it would be proven that most minibuses that have conductors who work on a target basis are more likely to be involved in road accidents, because they break many traffic regulations while pursuing their targets for themselves and the owners of the minibuses that they operate.

Many minibuses which do not have conductors are owned by the drivers, who may choose to work two or three trips a day and as such cannot afford to pay a conductor.

Quite frankly, if an owner makes 2 or 3 trips a day he doesn’t really need a conductor.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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