Derelict buildings in the city should be pulled down

Dear Editor,

Special congratulations to the Georgetown City Council for making it possible to pull down some dangerous and derelict buildings. These structures are not only dangerous to the people occupying them, but also to their neighbours as well as those who may pass by them.  If they collapse, flying zinc sheets could cause injury and damage.

Furthermore, they create a disgraceful eyesore, and cause the management of the city to appear inactive as if they are in a prolonged slumber.  It is good the powerful giant has awoken and will move to bring to a semblance of respect and order to our city.

I have noticed a number of eyesores dangerous to human life in Kitty. Several families are living in these dilapidated structures, with numerous children.  It amazes me how people could live in these dangerous houses with so many children. The buildings are on the ground, twisted and are a major fire hazard.  Others stand on stilts, waiting to fall, with old zinc sheets covering the windows.  The wood is nice and aged for a good fire to take hold if there is the slightest mistake.

Why is this allowed to happen in our country?  The government has been giving out house lots by the tens of thousands to all and any Guyanese who take the time to apply, with little expense involved to cover processing. I am amazed because they even give lots to single and youthful Guyanese, not merely families or married people or single mothers/parents, but Guyanese of any age. This is a historic development in the Caribbean region.

Let them go and get their land, and maybe the government with the city’s input can help to fast-track the processing. In the meantime the municipality should pull down these structures which make Guyana look bad in the eyes of visitors, diplomats, and so on.  It is unfair to our country and our government which has tried so hard to provide lots of land and low-cost mortgages to all levels of Guyanese society.

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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