Perfect harmony in Parfaite Harmonie

Dear Editor,

I was awarded a house lot in the Parfaite Harmonie housing scheme two years ago and I now live there with my five children. When we first heard that we were going to be moving to Region 2 my family was not happy because we only lived in Georgetown before, where we were renting.

Even though we know that when we have finished paying for the land it will be ours, we still did not want to go to an area that was so far away and that did not have anything proper, seeing that it was a new scheme.

But we had no choice, so we built our home there, hoping that things would get better, like the government kept telling us when we first moved here.

Today I would like to say that, looking around I cannot believe that it is the same place as before. We have proper roads, a community centre for the children after school, schools, a health centre and many small businesses are forming
Our homes do not feel as if they are so far away from town any more because we feel comfortable; we can get anything we want here and we have kind neighbours too. I did not believe my family would ever come to like it here but we have, and now this is our home and we are looking forward to seeing what else is yet to come, because we know that our community is growing every day.

Yours faithfully,
Padmattie Rambarran

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