The city needs a special crew for clean-up operations

Dear Editor,

I am writing to address a particular matter which to some extent affects all citizens, and reflects very badly upon the image of this nation as a whole, especially if Guyana is to be marketed as a tourist destination. I refer to the continued garbage pile-up in the city.  I do not feel that having municipal elections is the only solution, since the city and the nation would have to wait some time for that.  It is my view that there is a need for a more proficient and extensive workforce to get the job done. One way that I see it being done is to employ a cleaning crew to turn out at 6 or 6.30 in the mornings It would be a special unit which would work until 8.30am, and in the afternoons turn on at 3.30 and knock off at 6pm on each working day. A similar crew or the same one could work for about five to six hours on Sundays as well as holidays. With such an arrangement on ordinary days one would obtain five hours of work each day from the specialized crew, with good salaries for such workers.

I figure that the job of getting the city cleaned up could be effected and there would be no turf-treading since the municipality does have a cleansing department and a mandate for cleaning the city.

In relation to desilting the drains, this should be done by way of a dredging operation and the powerwash that is used by people to clean their houses, etc. I do not think that it would be the wisest thing to use the armed forces to do such a clean-up campaign, as it would lack continuity.

Yours faithfully,
R G Venton

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