Dear Editor,

Unfortunately, the department at the Guyana Public Hospital which is responsible for collecting blood samples seems to be understaffed. Persons are expected to fast from 9 pm to no later than 9 am the following day for the collecting of blood samples for a diagnosis of conditions, eg, diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, internal bleeding, etc. However, the door is opened most days at or after 8.30. While the staff on duty seek help to double up to try and finish the persons present before 9 am, it is not enough, since most days there are a fair number of patients there. This means that after 9 am persons are not tested and would have to return another day.

Also persons who are there to collect test results for the doctors‘ diagnoses are affected. This is because some patients are there from as early as 3 am to get an early space to see the doctor. The doctors are at work by 8, but whether the patient is number one or 15 they cannot see the doctor early and have to keep missing turns because they do not have their results.

There is also need for additional seating in the area. Persons go to the hospital because they are sick and therefore should not have to be standing and shoving for space while having to wait hours to be attended. Guyana’s poor population is growing, thus there are many who cannot afford to book an appointment at a private clinic. In addition a country owes its people. If a person is in good health he/she is able to work given the opportunity, and will be in a position to pay all bills.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)  
Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to Ms Alero Proctor, PRO of the Georgetown Public Hospital for any comment she might wish to make.

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