When will the new swimming pool be made available to the swimming clubs?

Dear Editor,

Being part of the local swimming fraternity, we were given the assurance that the new modern swimming pool would have been available in October, 2010. Later, no less a person than our ubiquitous Head of State assured us it would be ready months ago. So, can the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport say when the pool will be made available to the swimming clubs?

Next question: We were shocked to learn that after a man who had experience in building pools was awarded the contract to build this pool, that there was need to utilize the services of another contractor.

Recent events suggest that a third group was brought in. Is this true?

In addition, with reference to a release issued some time ago, were tiles imported? With all this talk about going local, and the hype of the recent ‘Building Expo’ why were the examples set by the previous administration not followed? On April 4, 1975, Ms Leila Locke, an English Guyanese patriot, inspired by Burnham’s passion to go local, and using locally constructed kilns began the production of ceramic tiles made from local clay.

Thirty-six years later, those tiles have stood the test of time, and are there at the Castellani swimming pool as eloquent testimony to the difference between talk and action. My information is that the imported tiles used are not likely to give the same length of service as the local tiles, so can the Minister say why we did not use our own clay?  In the interim, perhaps when the President addresses our youths the next time, he may wish to explain this apparent contradiction about local production.

When will we be given the total cost of this project and how many contractors have been employed on it?

Speaking to one of the men who worked on the site, it was claimed that there were no diving boards such as those at Castellani. If this is true, how would our young people be able to develop their skills of high diving, which is all part of a modern swimming competition?Lastly, the location of the pool: Earlier planners determined that it should be built at D‘Urban Park, so why was this changed?

One other issue: What is going on east of the 1763 Monument, and if it is a sanitary facility, why is it so near to this historic monument? To the best of my knowledge neither the Mayor and City Council, ACDA or any of the groups concerned with heritage sites were approached.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green JP

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