Work done by contractors for GPL deficient

Dear Editor,

On August 3, two men came to my house and told me that they had been contracted by GPL to change my meter. They showed me a letter from GPL and I allowed them to change the meter. At the end of the exercise, they left a letter with me which stated at the end that if I had any concern about what was done I could call 226-2642.

When the men left I contacted my electrician to look at the job and give his comments. He told me that the opening of the pipes which were used to take the wires down to the meter box should be facing down in order that water from heavy rain would not get into the meter box. Should water get in, there could be an explosion and a fire. He also explained that the wires should be crimped and not twisted and taped as done by the contractors.

On August 16 I contacted an official and explained to him what my electrician had said. He promised to send someone to look at the job. At the time of writing this letter no one has come from GPL. This morning I had to take off the main switch since the rain was falling from all directions and the wind was heavy.

Editor I hope some responsible GPL person would read this letter and take corrective measures.

Yours faithfully,
J Kadaru

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Ms Shevion Sears-Murray, PRO (ag) of Guyana Power and Light for any comment she might wish to make.          

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