NIS prepared to provide KN with bid documents, etc for Corriverton local office

Dear Editor,
Ordinarily, I would have expected Kaieteur News, in support of its headlines of Monday, August 29, captioned ‘69M National Insurance Scheme Corriverton building,‘ to provide the basis for their comparison with the $9M cost of three other buildings they mentioned.For the records, the National Insurance Scheme awarded a tender through a public tendering process for the construction of the Corriverton local office building.

National Insurance Scheme is prepared to provide and have Kaieteur News publish the bid documents, bills of quantities for the Corriverton local office tender and expects the same for the three buildings Kaieteur News mentioned.

For the record, the reconstruction included office space for twenty staff members offering the identical range of services that are currently being provided at headquarters, comprehensive site development, clean power, back-up power, grid connection and facilities for security and public convenience and seating.
Yours faithfully,
Roger F Luncheon
Presidential Secretariat
Office of the President

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