No discussion by TUF executive to relieve Manzoor Nadir of parliamentary seat

Dear Editor,
I am an executive member of The United Force who has held the position for over a decade. In fact I am the oldest member of the TUF still alive in Guyana and have been in the party for fifty-two years.

The press release published in the daily newspapers of Tuesday, August 24, has no merit. There was no discussion by the executive of our party to relieve Mr Manzoor Nadir of his seat in Parliament. That press release was based on the perception of one individual who has transgressed our party’s code of conduct. The individual involved does not have the power or authority to make such a statement on behalf of TUF, and it is therefore null and void. One person alone cannot speak for TUF; it has to be an executive decision and it has not been. You will hear more of our decision when we, the executive, meet.
Yours faithfully,
Murtland Slugger Williams

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