Ramsay Ali and team cannot run the GCB before allegations have been resolved

Given the Chief Justice‘s ruling and recommendations in relation to the Guyana Cricket Board we cannot see what the difficulty is in not combining efforts to resolve this issue.

Ramsay Ali and his team cannot be recognized as the GCB Executive since it would mean placing an illegal regime within a legal non-entity that does not account to anyone but itself and cannot be sued or disciplined. This certainly is a serious and unacceptable situation when one looks at what has been happening at the GCB in the recent past, with allegations of mismanagement, financial irregularities, etc, saturating the news media.

Ramsay himself admitted that these things exist and he will address them during his anticipated term of office. Given that Ramsey Ali and Anand Sanasie were part of the team in control during all these allegations it is inconceivable that they should think about running cricket before matters are properly resolved.

Yours faithfully,
Syaad Ramzan – President Winsor Forest CC
Ryan Persaud – Captain TSC
Samuel Holder – Den Amstel
Ricky Doodnauth – Vreed-en-Hoop
Udit Sanchara –  Leonora SC
Surendra Singh –  Meten-Meer-Zorg CC
Gobardhan Tulsi – La Grange CC
IndarpaulDookhoo – Canal No 1 Youth Club
Vijay Boodram –  Goed Intent

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