NIS operates under the umbrella of the law

Dear Editor,

A letter bearing the caption ‘Unjust policy‘ was published in the Stabroek News dated Tuesday, August 30, 2011.

Please note the following comments:

1. There is indeed a policy where “a pensioner is not entitled to any benefit/assistance for a medical condition” that never existed or claimed for prior to attaining age sixty or during the period of employment.

2. Regarding the aforementioned issue, please be advised that efforts were made by the organization to have that law and other laws amended so as to meet the increasing demand of our insured population and their dependant relatives. The efforts included conducting a reform process which meant holding consultations with various stakeholders, contributors and the general public, just to name a few, on issues pertaining to the Laws of Guyana Chapter 36:01 (NIS Laws).

3. The National Insurance Scheme operates under the umbrella of the law, and even though in some instance it may appear “unjust,” doing otherwise would mean that we would be in breach of the laws, and for this there are penalties.

4. It is a fact that the laws are written in “technical language.” However, NIS makes every effort to give simple explanations via our television programme, seminars/workshops, outreaches, letters to the editor, pamphlets and through any opportunity made available.

5. This opportunity is also taken to remind both employers and employees that it is absolutely necessary for them to submit all claims to NIS.  This would include claims made for payments as well as those that are just being submitted for records.

Yours faithfully,
Dianne Lewis Baxter
Publicity and Public Relations
National Insurance Scheme

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