The Inter-Religious Organization will never allow injustice or control by a political entity

Dear Editor,
President  Jagdeo and his government, and in reality the peoples of this great country, wish to give a gift of true love, a television station with clean programmes which do not denigrate religions, and which will teach morality and religiosity to all peoples, as well as ‘character education.’

The Inter-Religious Organization of Guyana (IRO) is unique in the world, as few countries have such.  Many I have spoken to have expressed joy and excitement, that in Guyana we can sit with a number of religions and work for harmony, while teaching respect for each other, making our country richer in love and harmony, and at peace with itself.Certain elements are against the IRO and the concept of IRTV, as if the IRTV will be a monster that will demolish them.

They think that the government will use it before the elections as a means to win over their followers. How petty and sad indeed.
These political aspirants and conspiracy theorists are doing this country a great disservice, and the people need to reject them. One former television host and owner had done everything in his power to ridicule the idea of IRTV.

My advice to the IRTV management and the IRO, is to invite the Roman Catholics for one last time to be part of the IRTV, or leave them out forever, but at least give them one last chance. Those who are negative including some of the Christian faith will want time after the IRTV is established.

Some are using time slots as an excuse, as if we as members of the IRO and IRTV are bereft of justice and goodwill; all will be given time.  Plus, not all periods will be free of charge.

All religions will be given allowances, and other times will have to be paid for at a reduced rate mainly to clear costs.
I wish to assure those anxious politicians and religionists that this writer and his colleagues will never allow injustice and never allow any political entity, governing or not, to ever control us or use us.  Some of them are concerned about Bishop Edghill. The guy is ordinary but has spiritual and physical powers. He listens, and he is disciplined and fair, as far as I know.

When he is wrong or errs as we all do, I correct him, and properly so, and he will listen and accept if proven wrong.
Politicians with a hunger for power do not usually like such people unless they are part of their grouping.  Is it that they want the people to lose the IRTV opportunity because of how they feel about Bishop Edghill?

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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