Better Hope South besieged by garbage

Dear Editor,
I bring a rather troubling issue to light and hope the relevant authorities can do something about the matter.

I am living in Better Hope South, East Coast Demerara, for a couple of years now and I find the garbage dumping situation in the area very distressing, especially so, along the Vryheid Lust’s access road. Some residents living west of this road are apparently under the impression that the side of this access road is the proper place to dispose their garbage—despite sign posts stating the contrary.

Garbage is being dumped indiscriminately in front of the Catholic Recreational Centre, the Better Hope Hindu temple, Dr. Sankar’s office, the bus shed—at the head of every street that adjoins the access road. The stench from these garbage piles is overwhelming for commuters and school children who traverse that road daily. Not to mention that the children, especially, could be at risk to air borne diseases from these piles.

Also, elsewhere in the area some residents are dumping refuse on their parapets in front of their properties and when the wind blows, it scatters the stuff all over the street, making a mess of other residents’ parapets who are trying to keep their sections clean.
I wish something drastic could be done about the situation.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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