The murder of Aldophus James was despicable

Dear Editor,
I refer to Mr Christopher Ram’s letter published in SN on September16 titled ‘The killing of Adolphus James is an indictment of our society.’ Mr Ram is most accurate that Mr Adolphus James‘s murder condemns Guyana. The murder of a man who is so old is despicable and a heinous crime. Where I disagree with Mr Ram is his lamentation about the pay, as miserable as it was, that the deceased got. There were many good qualities Mr James had that Mr Ram could have also emphasised.

I have no quarrel with his taking our relevant ministers to task. That’s the job they chose. As usual our politicians use everything as political fodder for political leverage. It‘s expected in a democracy. Mr Ram cannot be wrong to hold them accountable. What escapes Mr Ram is that Mr James at his age still found it possible to earn an honest living rather than sit idle. We, especially Mr Ram, could promote this trait for our youths to follow. They are without any moral compass.

Mr Ram did not express similar outrage when another old timer, Mr Harold Rachpaul, 84, owner of the Rachpaul Drugstore on Robb Street was found dead, gagged and bound in his home.

Making President Jagdeo the butt of his wrath only refocuses Mr Ram’s anger. President Jagdeo’s retirement package is a done deal approved by parliament. Mr Ram can join the UF or AFC which champion free enterprise as Mr Ram seems to do. Yet he has not done either. Unions are champions of workers‘ rights. Mr Ram cannot simultaneously be both a workers‘ champion and a capitalist free enterprise advocate. The latter habitually pay less for bigger profits. They only care for themselves.

The old-time ethic that Mr James represented is either dead or dying. We need a rebirth of such wonderful old-fashioned wholesome ethics and values. The current actions of some of our prominent media figures represent more of that which discourages productivity. I still am hopeful that there will be change.

Yours faithfully,
Sultan Mohamed

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