Could not the money spent on the Appreciation have been better used supporting those in orphanages and old people’s homes for a year?

So we have had it, the staged show to chaperone the champion of poverty on his way out, while at the same time making it clear that his successor will ensure that he remains very much in command if (and this is a big if), the Guyanese people make that historical mistake of ever voting for the PPP again.

These two Comrades demanded and got all hail and all the glory to Guyana’s head of state, so now what, days after? The people still live in a house with a kitchen which does not have enough food inside. Could these monies not have been spent on feeding those in orphanages and old people’s homes for a year? State resources were spent by the GDF, police and T&HD, yet we were told that the state did not fund this event.  This is Burnhamism all over again where the leader is more important than the country.

This pappy show was extraordinary for a party that likes to marginalise, abuse and harass independent schools of thoughts and the independent media. But this show had greater significance than just to show off Jagdeo and Ramotar North Korean style. It was to confirm the succession strategy that was imposed on the party and provide a synopsis of what to expect if the PPP wins again. In a country that has villages like Topo in Albion or Plastic City or Sophia, wouldn’t all these taxpayer millions be better spent if they had bought grass cutters and distributed them to thousands of Guyanese in every village and street of Guyana and ask them to clean up Guyana for a stipend?

This would have provided many with an income and taught them to fish and live a life of dignity.  But no, they ensure that the army of the unemployed grows. Thanks to the leaders, the PPP brand is now clearly imprinted in people’s minds as the jump and wine party, the rum and dance party.

Why debate policy? We can jump and wine instead. No need to go to school and work any more.

As we are at it idolising the most omniscient leader, why don’t we do even one better?  Let us change the name of the stadium and call it the Bharrat Jagdeo Stadium – and don’t forget the Bharrat Jagdeo Bridge across the Berbice River.  And, of course, to drive Hammie Green wild, let us change the name of Georgetown and call it Jagdeotown and change the name of Sparendaam and call it Jagdeoville. Stop it, why all these changes? Let‘s make the mother of all name changes and just call Guyana Jagdeodesh.

Why don’t we build a Bharrat Jagdeo Square and make everything about that square an opportunity to pay homage to the great leader, with digital screens broadcasting his words of wisdom on how not to build a hydropower station and how to fool the Norwegians.  Why don’t we display giant size pictures of him and have girls and boys bring flowers every day and plant gardens with rare flowers named after him. And let us not forget the speakers blaring out songs of adoration with verses like, “Long live the great leader, the most glorious of all.”

Then we will get the ever compliant Pro-Chancellor to write books and poems and more songs of praise of the exploits of the great leader. Let us extol his greatest asset – how to promise everything and deliver nothing and still have the NCN and Chronicle glorify him every day with taxpayers‘ money.

Thank the lord for granting us faith and the firm belief that right will overcome might. Yes, change is coming to Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Sasenarine Singh

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