‘A dismal performance by the PPP/C’

Dear Editor,

Contrary to what the PPP/C would like the Guyanese people to believe about their performance at the upcoming elections as seen in their bogus polls, the likelihood of them being voted out of office this year is a real possibility. There are five main reasons why the PPP/C will lose these elections.

1. Failure to bring down the cost-of-living; this is an immediate concern for the average person regardless of race or geographic location. The average Guyanese barely survives while government officials live in mansions and drive expensive cars. The inability to feed, clothe and shelter one‘s family is nothing to smile about.

2. Fear of being robbed, injured or murdered by bandits, knowing the Guyana Police Force will not provide any protection. Being awakened in the dead of the night to look down the barrel of a gun and have all your life savings and valuables taken away is nothing to smile about.

3. The PPP/C’s association with narco-traffickers. WikiLeaks has confirmed what the Guyanese people already knew, that there is evidence that links the Government of Guyana to Roger Khan.
4. Marginalization. Informa-tion coming out of the ongoing libel case before the court points to discrimination being practised by the state.

5. Incompetence and corruption. The PPP/C places individuals in high positions, not based on qualifications/ experience, but on loyalty to the Cup. That same criterion is used to reward loyalists.

Such dismal performance by the PPP/C comes at a time when radical change is sweeping across nations that have been ruled by tyrants. The time for change is now and the PPP/C understands this, especially since they know that all the people cannot be fooled all the time.

Yours faithfully,
Anthony Mohabeer

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