Could there be a little more care and consideration on our roads?

Dear Editor,

What do our visitors to Guyana think of our taxi drivers and many motor vehicle drivers, who exhibit the minimum of road courtesy, when it comes to the use of their horns? Not only is this behaviour disgusting and very annoying but it is also downright discourteous. Who is responsible for teaching them road courtesy?

A driver, after signalling appropriately, stops to permit the elderly person, who is bent in half almost and moving with the aid of a cane, to cross the road. But motorists behind the stationary car start to blow their horns and do not stop until the driver ahead moves.

The message that the noisy motorists are giving is ‘Drive ahead and kill, I am in a hurry.‘

A courteous vehicle driver would be exposed to this same type of discourtesy if he/she stopped for little ones to cross or to allow a driver to exit his residence to join the line of traffic!

Again, one experiences the same kind of constant horn-blowing (attacks of hornitis) the moment the traffic light changes to green. Motorists begin sounding horns as if to say, ‘Drive – drive – drive without caring. Move fast. We are late.‘

Dave Martins once referred to this disease as “hornitis.” However the stage at which it is today, this must be “multiple hornitis.”

Can there be a little more care and consideration on our roads?

Yours faithfully,
Joyce Sinclair

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