Real development begins with a country’s people

Dear Editor,

I have been following for some time now the discourse among politicians and members of the public on the progress, or lack thereof, Guyana has made over the past 19 years under the PPP/C administration.

There has been significant infrastructure development during this period which has served to dramatically change the face of the city in particular and the coastland in general. A person visiting Guyana now, after being away for the past 20 years, will no doubt conclude that the country is in a better place. This is an illusion, a hoax, a trick of the mind.

Real development begins with a country’s people. This is the resource that nurtures business, creates employment and fuels real economic growth and development. The fact that Guyanese of all ethnicities continue to migrate in record numbers is a clear indication that the country provides no real opportunities for its human resources, and the little opportunities that exist serve only to benefit a few. Unemployment is high, crime continues to be out of control, corruption is widespread, social justice is non-existent and probably worst of all, there is no credible avenue for recourse when an injustice has been done.

Until those elected to serve the people refrain from serving only a chosen few, Guyana will never see real progress and Guyanese will continue to flee from their homeland in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

Yours faithfully,
Gaitree Persaud

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