The government should not bear the whole cost for the repair of the Bartica pavilion roof

Dear Editor,

On Monday, September 12, a heavy wind took off the Bartica Regatta pavilion roof. It is so strange that in that area the freak storm only hit that building; the shed where other events are held was also twisted up.

The Regatta pavilion was built in 1987 through a donation from Guyana Sawmills Ltd, Willems Timber Ltd and A Mazarally and Sons. Spearheading the works was Regional Chairman Eustace George, Jim Martins and myself. It was handed over to the Region 7 RDC in 1990 since the Regatta was held twice yearly there.

There are two Regatta committees which usually host the Regatta in April and July, and they are not answerable to the RDC or the REO. They should spend some of their profits in replacing the roof of the pavilion, or at least stand half of the expenses; it very unfair for government to foot the whole bill for repairs. We will  have a new regional chairman by December 1. So let‘s hear what the present Chairman has to say about this urgent matter. Remember this pavilion is a showpiece for Bartica at Golden Beach.

So let‘s strike while the iron while is hot; it is now up to the Region 7 REO to act.

Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller Snr

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