The government believes its own rhetoric

Dear Editor,

One can understand the rhetoric the Guyanese people are constantly fed by government officials about how things are bright and beautiful, the economy is booming, and how the nation is being transformed into a paradise. This is usually perpetrated by popular catch phrases such as ‘a brighter future for all’ and ‘let progress continue.’ A misrepresentation of the facts or not, these politicians have their jobs to do.

After careful consideration and examination of remarks that have been made by the President and his Cabinet, I strongly believe that the PPP/C has said this so many times, in so many places, that they now believe it to be true. This is where things become dangerous and hopeless. If the government believes its own rhetoric, there will be no impetus on their part to make the necessary changes that will really bring about progress and development.

In their utopia, Guyana is a country on the move, where equal opportunity and justice is available to all. The fact that their mansions and expensive vehicles bought with taxpayers dollars sit in the midst of poverty, is of no consequence to them.

With such a mindset, Guyana will never realize its true potential if left to the mercy of the PPP/C cabal. I therefore encourage all right-minded Guyanese to take a stand come this election, and put Guyana first.

Yours faithfully,
Gaitree Persaud

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