Board with nails to prevent road access should be removed

Dear Editor,

On public roads or highways, it is imperative that drivers, pedestrians and all other persons using same be guided by signs, being traffic or otherwise. At Suddie on the Essequibo Coast in front of the Public Hospital there is a branch road from the public road leading to the Richard Faikal Police Training School, the Essequibo High Court and the Essequibo Registrar which are housed in the same building. At this junction there is a piece of wood with plenty four inches nails driven into it, lying across the head of the branch road. The purpose of this obstacle is clearly to prevent vehicles, cyclists and even pedestrians from using it.

I must say that I do not know the identity of the person or persons who are responsible for having that dangerous obstacle placed there, but we all know the damage it could cause to the tyres of vehicles, and to pedestrians.

If for some reason and there can be many, the road must be closed to vehicular traffic and pedestrians, then the requisite traffic signs should be placed there, and if persons are found to be removing these signs or not adhering to them, they must be dealt with according to the law.

But placing wood with nails on a public road that is likely to cause damage and injury should not be allowed.

I would be surprised if the Police Force is in anyway involved in having that board with long nails placed there. But if they were then their motto of service and protection should be changed.

Yours faithfully,
Archie W Cordis

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