Some sections of Kwakwani water mains installed under the PSRP are being used at present

Dear Editor,

GWI wishes to express gratitude to your publication for highlighting the statements made by Jocelyn Morian regarding the Kwakwani water supply in the Tuesday, September 20, 2011 edition of the Stabroek News.

However, the company wishes to correct several erroneous statements made by the writer since contrary to the letter, the project will replace the asbestos pipelines with PVC lines. The statements about the previous intervention being a “white elephant” are also incorrect since portions of the infrastructure provided by that project are currently in use and will aid with the current upgrade.  Please allow us to elaborate on the objectives of the project.

A contract valued in excess of $83M was awarded to ASH Civil Engineering Works for the rehabilitation of Kwakwani water system, since the supply system has significantly deteriorated and required urgent remedial works and upgrading. This project involves three lots which are:

* Lot #1 – Rehabilitation of Kwakwani Treatment Plant;

* Lot #2 – Rehabilitation of Kwakwani Water Distribution Network; and

* Lot #3 – Installation and upgrade of Service connections

Lot #1 entails the general rehabilitation of the treatment plant which will result in improvement of the quality of water provided. Lot #2 entails the installation of a 200mm diameter PVC transmission main from the treatment plant to interconnect with the existing distribution network at several sections. With the installation of this transmission main, the overall level of service for residents in Kwakwani will be significantly improved. Lot #3 entails the installation and upgrade of service connections and upgrades to the existing distribution network. This involves replacing all deteriorated and asbestos lines with PVC lines and installation of new lines where necessary. We wish to emphasize that asbestos lines will be replaced contrary to the writer’s statements.

GWI wishes to state that the independently operated Kwakwani Utilities Company (KUI) and not GWI is responsible for the water infrastructure within Kwakwani. The letter also highlighted a previous intervention made under the Poverty Reduction Strategy Programme (PRSP) which cost $23M. According to the KUI the intervention required the installation of PVC transmission and distribution mains. It must be noted that some sections of the distribution mains are presently being utilized by the KUI, while other sections will be utilized after the completion of the present project, funded by the Government of Guyana and supervised by GWI and KUI.  GWI wishes to correct the statements made by the writer since part of the project has already been in use for an extensive period and therefore the claim of “non use of the pipelines” is erroneous.

We wish to thank the writer for highlighting the contract for Lot #3 which includes installation and upgrade of service connections and is intended to reduce the significant leakage that exists in the system.   All deteriorated, leaking and broken connections are being replaced in the network. We also wish to express gratitude to the writer for acknowledging that most of the labour force was garnered from the Kwakwani community. GWI wishes to reassure residents that the project is intended to provide significant improvement in the quality of service provided by KUI.
Residents who require further information on the project are asked to contact the KUI.

Yours faithfully,
Timothy Austin
Public Relations Officer

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